Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai happened to be on my travel itinerary and I was fortunate to be able to steal an afternoon off to see the city. Most of the modern sections, which are on the side east of the Nangpu river that is called Pudong, have been built during the past 15 years and include an impressive skyline studded with skyscrapers to rival any world city.

I used just an ordinary pen to sketch an interpretation of the Shanghai Pudong skyline. The building just to the right of center that looks like a bottle opener is the World Financial Center and one of the most unique buildings ever -- though Shanghai boasts quite a few.

Shanghai Cityscape, Pen on paper, 11"x12", NFS

Friday, March 12, 2010

Taking a break

Just so the blog followers know, I will be traveling for the next several weeks so it is possible I will not be able to post to the blog for a while. It does not mean I have disappeared, but just that there will be a temporary gap as I circle the globe for a living.

So long.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doodling or sketching?

Since I began sketching again a while back, I have found that thinking about art has become more and more of a constant occupation! On days when I have to spend long hours on teleconferences or have to wait between flights while on business travel, I can experiment with all kinds of images whether from my imagination or drawn from the surroundings. All that is needed, as in the current post, is a pen or pencil and a scrap of paper no matter how big or small.

Perhaps it is just my imagination, but sketching while my mind is focused on something else (such as a long phone call) seems to free up the hand and allows much looser strokes. It is also pretty efficient use of time and perfectly in the zeitgeist of our times where multi-tasking is a badge of pride.........

Untitled, Pencil on scrap office paper, NFS