Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joyous Sport

This playful piece is inspired by the kite festival that takes place in many parts of India during January. Most of the country has crisp cool and clear blue-sky days which makes it a particular joy to watch hundreds of colorful kites.

Indian kites are made of sticks and paper which makes then especially light and capable of great speed when aloft. This is probably what explains the skill with which flyers compete with each other. The objective of the contest is to cut another kite free using precise control to slice across the competitor's string! During the kite festival cut-off kites can be seen floating all over the sky.

Jamghat, Acrylic on canvas, 18"x24, $100

1 comment:

  1. How neat..I love this picture! I have two big colorful paintings up in my house...but this one is way better!

    Next time I need one, I'm going to contract you!

    Great work. Of course, I enjoy all the paintings in Kamla's house too. Elephants is another favorite.