Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blazing Sunset

acrylic abstract painting of a sunset by Atul Pande
The third and last in a series of knife paintings, Blazing Sunset was a challenge because of the complexity of colors I wanted to use. The challenge came from my wish to keep the colors as pure as possible and allow some optical mixing to occur on the paper without letting them get muddy. I also wanted to create some sense of movement that is often typical of fiery sunsets as they get to their peak. Keeping the knife strokes in the sky at a diagonal enhanced the feeling of movement such as might happen in a real sunset.

Blazing Sunset, Acrylic on 300lb watercolor paper, 11"x14", $75 (unframed)


  1. Beautiful color--your hard work paid off!

  2. I love the direction of this recent series of paintings. The colors, particularly in this one are very rich and vibrant and I also like the conceptual nature of it as well. Beautiful.