Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Apple: A Small Study

Apples come in so many shapes, sizes and colors but there are some quintessential elements that make the fruit readily recognizable. Perhaps this is what makes apples so attractive when grade school children practice their early artistic skills.

For the more mature of us, apples can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. In this small study, I have tried to use a limited number of colors and few brushstrokes to schieve the likeness of an apple. This is in practice for a bigger still life I intend to do but which scares me each time I face the canvas. Though quite elementary, doing this piece has helped me get greater confidence.

One Apple, Acrylic on canvas board, 5"x7", not for sale


  1. I know what you mean...I have just started painting still life set ups and they can be quite humbling...very important excercise though in seeing and drawing. Nice work.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lesson of re-learning the basics to get us make to square one.

  3. I scrolled through your whole blog. It is interesting to see your many styles and how you have progressed. I think Hot and Sour is your best so far. Can't wait to see One Apple finished. I've never done a still life before, but have been thinking about it. I can see how doing a small study would help alleviate some anxieties with a bigger project. keep up the good work.