Thursday, December 17, 2009

Abstract in Progress: Part 3 - Are We There Yet?

original contemporary abstract painting in acrylic on canvas by american artist atul pande
There are times when it is best to call it done whether the painting makes you happy or not. The abstract I started a week or so ago is now in its third iteration and it is not very satisfying. For now, I am going to set it aside and go on to something else so as not to keep overworking this piece.

Maybe I will come back to it some day or maybe this is it. Who knows?

Understanding, Acrylic on canvas, 18"x24", Not for sale

1 comment:

  1. I definitely agree with you on the whole "done versus not done" topic. I find myself battling to add more when i've got something good going, and most times, i end up "ruining" the piece, because it is not what i wanted. It's always hard to decide when to stop.

    looking at it with a fresh look is the best way. theres no rush to creating beauty. Take your time, you're great!