Friday, January 2, 2009


contemporary hibiscus flower painting by atul pande
This piece was done as much as an exercise as it was to capture the beauty of one of my favorite flowers. Just a few minutes into the painting, I found myself vacillating between styles. Abstract or impressionist? Knife or brush? Light background to make the color pop or a dark background to make the center of interest more dramatic? Such are the choices one must make!

Going through the process of choosing made me start thinking about another piece on which I have worked for nearly 2 years. I have started and stopped, then gessoed over and started all over again three times. In painting Hibiscus, it clicked for me that perhaps the challenge with the bigger piece has just been insufficient forethought about the choices that make a painting work. Stay tuned to find out if I do better this time around.......

Happy New Year!

Hibiscus, Acrylic on canvas board, 11"x14", $50

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