Monday, January 19, 2009

Moonlit Window

Gothic church windows can range from the simple to the ornate. While their shape is common, the glass inserts can go from the totally unadorned lead glass to the most ornate stained glass. Examples of the latter can range from the artisanal (Duke Chapel in Durham, North Carolina) to the artistic (Fraum√ľnster in Zurich, Switzerland).

Moonlit Window is nothing grand in itself. Just a gothic church window with plain lead glass made dramatic by the moonlight streaming in and highlighting the texture of the bricks framing the window-well. In my opinion, the sharp value contrast gives this simple painting a dramatic feel despite its mundane subject.

Moonlit Window, Watercolor on 140lb paper, 4"x6", $30 (unframed)


  1. The subject isn't so mundane to me. This is not a typical window that we see often and that, for me is what makes it interesting. I took a photo inside a windmill in Holland that reminds me of this image and I have always intended to paint it although I never did. I have enjoyed looking at your window series.

  2. Paula: Thank you for visiting. I am probably not done with the windows yet though I may take a break after the next couple. So what comes next? Doors, I guess!

  3. I agree with Paula, it`s been interesting to see you work with the same subject. I feel like I understand your thinking more.