Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old Fence

contemporary mixed media painting by atul pande
WARNING: Painting in watercolor can be addicting!

I have recently come back to watercolor after a break of almost a year. The speed with which paintings can be completed in watercolor and the fresh color that results are highly rewarding. Of course, mistakes are difficult (if not impossible) to correct. So not only must the artist be bold and confident but strive to be right with each stroke of color.

As I came close to finishing Old Fence, it seemed to me that the flowers were not bright enough so I used a bit of red and yellow gouache to give them more form. Otherwise the hardest part was sketching the fence and negative painting around it. I like the cheery end result. Tell me what you think.

Old Fence, Watercolor and gouache on 140lb paper, 9"x12', $30 (unframed)

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  1. Atul,a great painter once told me that if you`re painting in watercolor and make a mistake, fix it. Bring out the acrylics, gouche, crayon..whatever it takes. It`s much more important to keep going and try to get a good painting than worry about watercolor`s 'rules' of transparency. Made sense to me.